UNI Apro South Asia Finance Unions Meet @ ADB Events in New Delhi

Prof Prabal K Sen from Xavier Management School delivered a key note presentation on the impact and implication of India’s new banking sector reforms on South Asia at the SAFSUC meeting

UNI ILC President Milind Nadkarni welcomes participants

Prof Prabal K Sen receives UNI Finance Publications from President Yutaka Seki 

SAFSUC members planning organizing campaigns

Yasuke Kanamitsu from FNIU Japan

Shigeo Nakamoto from Trust Bank Federation Japan

South Asia Finance Sector Unions Council [SAFSUC] co-ordination meeting was held in conjunction with the 46th ADB Annual Governors Meeting on 5th May 2013 in New Delhi India.

Yutaka Seki President UNI Apro Finance in his opening remarks urged the finance industry trade unions to double up efforts to increase the trade union density especially in the private bank and insurance companies in SAARC region.

Seki said the UNI Apro participants made their presence felt at the ADB CSO events by taking up issues important to workers such as investment of pension funds. Strong trade unions are important to lobby and influence policy direction of ADB to achieve desired objectives for the benefit of entire society.

UNI Apro Finance Sector Director Jayasri Priyalal welcomed the new affiliate from India All India Bank of Baroda Officers Association to the meeting. He said Insurance Employees Union from Sri Lanka and Democratic Workers Alliance CBA union from State Bank of Pakistan has applied for affiliation increasing the member unions in SAFSUC. Priyalal thanked UNI Finance affiliates from Japan and Malaysia for taking time from ADB events to observe the SAFSUC meeting. SAFSUC members congratulated the newly elected Milind Nadkarni as General Secretary of AIBOBEF, K C Ganesh President FIEUN Nepal and V Narasimhan General Secretary of AINLIEF India in their respective conventions.

SAFSUC members paid tribute to Late Bro Sheik A Iftikhar longstanding trade unionist who represented and led the finance industry employees for decades in Pakistan. Bro Iftikhar who was also the former General Secretary of UNI Liaison Council in Pakistan passed away on 26th April 2013 in Lahore. A minute silence was observed by SAFSUC members at the commencement of the meeting as a mark of respect to late Bro Iftikhar.

Prof Prabal K Sen from Xavier Management School delivered a key note presentation on the impact and implication of India’s new banking sector reforms on South Asia at the SAFSUC meeting. Kanamitsu YusukeFNIU Japan and Shigeo Nakamoto Trust Bank Federation shared finance industry reform experiences with SAFSUC members.

The SAFSUC meeting was transformed into a workshop in the second half and participants engaged in group work to map the bank and insurance sectors and come up with an organizing plan to increase trade union density in the respective countries. The organizing plans will be included in the UNI Apro Finance Strategic plan to be adopted at the sector conference in Bangkok in August 2013.

The event saw a turn up of 31 participants from 11 finance sector trade unions and five SAARC countries, including observers from Japan and Malaysia. Eleven of these participants were women trade union activist.

For Professor Prabal K Sen’s paper, please refer to the Related Files tab.

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As the financial, economic, political, and social crises in Europe continue unabated, UNI Europa launches Troika Watch, an online austerity policy watchdog.


In response to the global financial crisis and the ensuing Euro-zone crisis, a task force comprising the European Commission (EC), European Central Bank (ECB), and International Monetary Fund (IMF) was established. This tripartite task force is called the Troika. It has engaged policy discussions with the national authorities in Greece, Ireland, Portugal and Cyprus.

The Troika intervenes in cris…is countries to restore growth, employment, and competitiveness; strengthen the financial system; and safeguard fiscal sustainability. In effect, the Troika makes recommendations that governments in crisis situations cannot refuse.

As the financial, economic, political, and social crises in Europe continue unabated, UNI Europa is launching Troika Watch, an online austerity policy watchdog. Through Troika Watch, UNI Europa aims to offer an assessment of the austerity policies and their ill-effects, and to reveal workers’ individual, real-life stories in the sectors covered by UNI Global.

Partnership with Trade Unions Works: Prof Amartya Sen

05/05/2013 – India
Nobel laureate Prof Amartya Sen citing from his experiences said at a panel discussion during the 46th ADB Annual Governors meeting in New Delhi, India

Speaking at the panel discussion on the theme Delivering Effective Public Services sharing his own experiences to improve absenteeism amongst primary school teachers and to deliver quality primary education how he engaged with the trade unions in Bangladesh. Prof Sen defined development as “Expansion of Human Freedom”. Economic growth need to generate more income for the population but Prof Sen questioned what proportion of the income is spent on public welfare. Public services need to target priorities for expanding human capabilities and such schemes have paid rich dividends in Japan and Korea’s success said Prof Sen.

Empowerment is means and ends and it is the sole objective of development. Right diagnosis of the problem is half of the solution and engaging trade unions and cashing on their experiences and partnering with them works said Prof Sen.

Newly elected ADB President Takehiko Nakao in his introductory remarks to the panel discussion said ADB aims to achieve Inclusive Growth through Empowerment and listening to citizen’s voice and citizen empowerment will be a strategic focus of the bank activities in future.

Large contingent of trade union activists from the Global Unions attended the ADB’s 46th Annual Governors meeting in New Delhi. Pensions Towards Socially Responsible Investments was the theme of the CSO panel discussion organized by trade unions at the 46th ADB Annual Governors Meeting in New Delhi .