What do you know about Global Unions?

Thank you for supporting our campaigns — campaigns which are often launched at the request of global union federations such as IndustriALL, the Education International, UNI, PSI, the ITF or the IUF.

Your union is probably affiliated to one of these organisations.

Maybe even more than one.

And yet the international organisations of the labour movement are hardly household names in most parts of the world.

LabourStart’s new 100 page book, The Global Labour Movement: An Introduction, aims to change that.

As well as finding out about the histories of the global unions, you’ll learn about what they do today, and how – whether you’re a teacher, a docker, or a farm worker – there’s a global union for you.

We live in the age of globalisation.

Industrial struggles take place along the supply chain of huge multinationals, and every active trade unionist needs to be familiar with our international movement.

If you want to learn more, get your copy now for only $5.99 (£3.99 in the UK) – and get your union to order copies in bulk.

(You can also order the book from Amazon.com or Amazon.co.uk.)

And while we have your attention, a reminder. You can also still purchase our first book, Campaigning Online and Winning. This book reveals some of the human stories behind our successful campaigns, and reminds us of the real impact your support can have on the lives of workers around the world.

Thanks for your support!

Eric Lee