Labour Herald – Issue No. 10

Africa / Asia / Caribbean / Central America /Europe / Middle East / South America

Australia Tony Abbott must be honest about the details of his Productivity Commission inquiry into Industrial Relations [ACTU] 2013-05-12 5 more labour news stories fromAustralia today

Bangladesh / UK Pay hike would cost shoppers only pennies, says UK unions [CNN] 2013-05-11 6 more labour news stories fromBangladesh today

Burma Parliament to describe minimum wage[Eleven] 2013-05-11

Cambodia Union plea that minimum wage hike should not lead to rent rises [Phnom Penh Post] 2013-05-11

Canada / Nova Scotia Inter-union and inter-worker support resounds across Nova Scotia in Just Us! union drive [Halifax Media Co-op] 2013-05-11 15 more labour news stories fromCanada today

Croatia Union demands withdrawal of dismissals at airline [Dalje] 2013-05-11

Fiji New dissident campaign says Fiji isn’t a tropical paradise For more info [Skift] 2013-05-11

Global / Bangladesh Retailers Are Pressed on Safety at Factories [NYTimes] 2013-05-11

 / Bangladesh Retailers Are Pressed on Safety at Factories [NYTimes] 2013-05-11

Greece Samaras Orders Teachers To Work Exams [The Greek Reporter] 2013-05-11

Hong Kong Changed social landscape emerges from dock strike [The South China Morning Post] 2013-05-11

India / Andhra Pradesh New chief for INTUC women’s wing [The Hindu] 2013-05-12 9 more labour news stories from India today

Iran Tehran Bus Union urged May Day workers’ rights protests [ITF] 2013-05-11

Ireland Senior civil servants warn they won’t implement policies [] 2013-05-118 more labour news stories from Ireland today

Israel Striking Workers at Ashdod Return to Work; Accept 90 Dismissals [JTA] 2013-05-12 2 more labour news stories from Israel today

Jamaica Labour Ministry can’t force COMPLANT to meet with union [Go Jamaica] 2013-05-11

Latin America Some Advances in Legal Rights for Domestic Workers in Latin America[Reuters] 2013-05-11

Malawi Crossroads Hotel workers strike [The Nyasa Times] 2013-05-11

New Zealand Changes needed to stop migrant worker abuse [First Union] 2013-05-12 8 more labour news stories from New Zealand today

Nigeria Newspaper strike hits flamboyant publisher [WHEC] 2013-05-11

Philippines Sugar firm, workers’ group reach deadlock over CBA [The Daily Star] 2013-05-11

Qatar Boss of Qatar Airways testy with international union ‘ FIFA re-run the vote’ campaign For more info [Arabian Business] 2013-05-11 3 more labour news stories fromQatar today

South Africa NUM: Amplats showed its stakeholders the middle finger [The Mail and Guardian] 2013-05-11 1 more labour news stories from South Africa today

Spain Thousands protest over Spain education cuts [Al Jazeera] 2013-05-11 1 more labour news stories from Spain today

Tunisia Policemen’s Union of National Security forces stage protest demanding better enforcement of laws protecting their safety[Tunisia Live] 2013-05-11 1 more labour news stories from Tunisia today

UK Scottish Trades Union Congress debating homophobia in the workplace [Pink News] 2013-05-12 4 more labour news stories fromUK today

USA / Maryland Baltimore bus drivers vote Teamsters in [Teamster Local 355] 2013-05-1114 more labour news stories from USA today

Venezuela ‘Part of the Transition to Socialism’: Venezuela’s Labour Law Comes into Effect [Venezuelanalysis] 2013-05-11 0 more labour news stories from Venezuelatoday