Labour Herald – Issue No. 64

Africa / Asia / Caribbean / Central America /Europe / Middle East / South America

Argentina Private clinics’ workers call for strike [The Herald] 2013-08-25 1 more labour news stories from Argentina today

Australia Abbott’s Apprentice Loan scheme a ‘dog of a policy’: CFMEU [CFMEU] 2013-08-269 more labour news stories from Australiatoday

Bahrain 500 Asian guest workers strike after suicide of colleague [Gulf Daily News] 2013-08-26

Canada / British Columbia Possible B.C. school strike in mid-September [CBC] 2013-08-25 1 more labour news stories from Canadatoday

Chile Country nears one month without mail service as protests continue [The Times] 2013-08-25

Fiji Sugar Cane lorry operators refuse to support worker union, ally with Sugar Bosses[Radio Fiji] 2013-08-26 3 more labour news stories from Fiji today

Guatemala Unions Under Siege in Guatemala[In These Times] 2013-08-25

India Bank unions call for all-India strike on September 25 [Hindu Business Line] 2013-08-266 more labour news stories from India today

Israel Teacher’s Union Signs New Agreement[Israel National News] 2013-08-26

Korea (South) [8.24] Jaeneung BELL TOWER (sit-in)STRUGGLE… since 200 days!! [CINA] 2013-08-25 2 more labour news stories fromKorea (South) today

Malaysia Respect rights of workers to join trade unions [Borneo Post] 2013-08-25

Mexico / Honduras Migrant train derails; at least 5 dead [Times Union] 2013-08-26 1 more labour news stories from Mexico today

Nepal Change in the whole society begins from one’s change in the attitude: Training Concludes [GEFONT] 2013-08-25 1 more labour news stories from Nepal today

New Zealand Day of sorrow for forestry’s youngest victim [NZ Herald] 2013-08-26 2 more labour news stories from New Zealand today

Nigeria Strike: JOHESU Wants Health Minister to Obey NIC Judgment [The Daily Times] 2013-08-25 2 more labour news stories from Nigeriatoday

Pakistan Drainage halted as workers go on strike [Labour Watch] 2013-08-25 8 more labour news stories from Pakistan today

Palestine IFJ Condemns Closure of Gaza News Agencies [IFJ] 2013-08-26 1 more labour news stories from Palestine today

South Africa Unions bring Department of Basic Education to court [Education International] 2013-08-25 1 more labour news stories from South Africa today

Sri Lanka Teacher-Principal TUs concerned over student’s killing [Unions Lanka] 2013-08-252 more labour news stories from Sri Lankatoday

UK The worst place to work / The best place to work [Upworthy] 2013-08-25 1 more labour news stories from UK today

USA The workers’ rights struggle behind this summer’s hottest tours [Working America] 2013-08-26 20 more labour news stories fromUSA today