Labour herald – Issue No.86

Africa / Asia / Caribbean / Central America /Europe / Middle East / South America

Algeria Crackdown on Independent Trade Unions [Human Rights Watch] 2013-10-06

Australia Trade must not ignore the human factor [Working Life] 2013-10-07 6 more labour news stories from Australia today

Bahrain Pact hope as top ILO team planning a visit [Gulf Daily News] 2013-10-06

Canada / Ontario Unions rally for striking Bonfield workers [The Nugget] 2013-10-06 17 more labour news stories from Canada today

Cyprus Funeral of veteran fighter for workers’ rights [The Mail] 2013-10-06

Fiji Fairtrade concerned about worker’s rights in Fiji sugar mills [FairTrade International] 2013-10-06 3 more labour news stories from Fijitoday

Germany Amazon’s workers threaten strike before Christmas [Reuters] 2013-10-06

India / Kerala Bus workers to go on strike [The Hindu] 2013-10-07 4 more labour news stories from India today

Israel Haifa Port slows to crawl as workers protest reform [Haaretz] 2013-10-06

Japan Can Rengo ride favorable winds of Abenomics to achieve pay hikes? [Japan News] 2013-10-06

Philippines Dole assumes control over university’s labor dispute [The Sun-Star] 2013-10-06

Poland Unionists march to demand labor security [WJCL] 2013-10-06

South Africa Cosatu backs striking workers[Business Report] 2013-10-06 1 more labour news stories from South Africa today

USA / California Pyramid Brewery workers accuse Berkeley brewery of union busting[KTVU] 2013-10-06 5 more labour news stories from USA today