Labour Herald – Issue No.88

Africa / Asia / Caribbean / Central America /Europe / Middle East / South America

Australia / Queensland Unionists leading WorkCover protest outside Parliament House vow to target Jarrod Bleijie electorate [Brisbane Courier Mail] 2013-10-17 40 more labour news stories from Australia today

Canada / Prince Edward Island P.E.I. to spend more, pay less to balance pensions [CBC] 2013-10-16 22 more labour news stories fromCanada today

Egypt Can the Revolutionary Path Front find a way forward for Egypt? [Equal Times] 2013-10-16

Fiji Union to hear member views on pay rise[Radio Fiji] 2013-10-17 4 more labour news stories from Fiji today

French Polynesia Tahiti hospital strike seemingly unresolved [RNZI] 2013-10-16

Global The 1968 Olympics and the spirit of resistance [Philip Fergusson/Redline] 2013-10-172 more labour news stories from Global today

Greece Private sector union calls strike on November 6 [ANSA Med] 2013-10-16

Haiti Group Says Haitian Garment Workers Are Shortchanged on Pay [NY Times] 2013-10-16 1 more labour news stories from Haiti today

India / Chandigarh Punjab: Salary, pension of PAU employees delayed [Business Line] 2013-10-17 12 more labour news stories from Indiatoday

Ireland Congress says ‘wrong choices made in Budget 2014’ [SIPTU] 2013-10-16 5 more labour news stories from Ireland today

Israel Teva to refrain from making layoffs before negotiations with labor federation[Ha’aretz] 2013-10-16 9 more labour news stories from Israel today

Italy / USA Fiat union to meet U.S. counterpart to push for Chrysler merger [Automotive News Europe] 2013-10-16

Korea (North) / Korea (South) Kaesong Complex struggling to get fully up and running again [Hankyoreh] 2013-10-16

Korea (South) [10.14] Art performance against state terror… [CINA] 2013-10-16

New Zealand Sacked KFC worker defects to Maccas [Greymouth Evening Star] 2013-10-17 2 more labour news stories from New Zealandtoday

Pakistan LHWs boycott hits polio drive [Labour Watch] 2013-10-16 6 more labour news stories from Pakistan today

Palestine / Israel Controversial bill struck down || PM nixes bill applying Israeli labor laws to West Bank women [Haaretz] 2013-10-16

Papua New Guinea New technology to save time and trouble for teachers’ pay in PNG[Radio Australia] 2013-10-16

Russia / USA Sailors Unions Defend Greenpeace’s ‘Arctic 30’: Peaceful Protests and Piracy Are ‘Very Different’ [In These Times] 2013-10-16

South Africa Generations stars strike gets the backing of Creative Worker’s Union [The Times] 2013-10-16 18 more labour news stories from South Africa today

Tunisia Rappers start union linked to CGTT[Magharebia ] 2013-10-16

UK / Scotland Grangemouth oil refinery shuts as owners refuse to back down in dispute[Guardian] 2013-10-16 8 more labour news stories from UK today

USA USW, allies rally at Crown Holdings Headquarters [USW] 2013-10-16 27 more labour news stories from USA today

Uzbekistan More Sharing Services Share on email Financing Forced Labor in the Cotton Fields of Uzbekistan [AFL-CIO] 2013-10-17 0 more labour news stories from Uzbekistantoday