To build enduring bonds of solidarity through the net within Indian Labour Movement and International labour Movement with a view to achieving unity and solidarity within the indian labour movement and endeavour to build global unity and solidarity within the world of work and trade unions so that both national and international labour movement actualises the ideals embodied in the Philadelphia Declaration of International Labour Organisation (ILO) which is as follows:At the end of the Second World War, the International Labour Conference(I.L.O) adopted in May 1944, in Philadelphia, a Declaration (Philadelphia Declaration), which defined again the aims and purposes of the Organization. This Declaration reaffirmed in particular, that labour is not a commodity, that freedom of expression and of association are essential to sustained progress, that poverty anywhere constitutes a danger to prosperity everywhere and that the war against want requires to be carried on with unrelenting vigour within each nation, and by continuous and concerted international effort in which the representatives of workers and employers, enjoying equal status with those of governments, join them in free discussion and democratic decision with a view to the promotion of the common welfare. The Declaration affirmed that all human beings, irrespective of race, creed or sex, have the right to pursue both their material well-being and their spiritual development in conditions of freedom and dignity, of economic security and equal opportunity. It also referred to the social aspect of economic and financial measures.Indian Labour.org will work for promotion of the above ideals and believes that Labour is the source of all wealth and there is honour and dignity in all work and working people should have equal protection under the law and freedom to bargain collectively to advance and protect their interests and it is the duty of the government to protect, ensure and encourage Collective Bargaining , Right of Association and uphold the values and principles enshrined in the ILO Conventions particularly those in the Conventions 87 and 98 are respected by all employers and the Government of India should Ratify these two basic ILO Conventions so that working people are able to organise themselves without fear and play their legitimate role in national economic, social and political development

To bring all working people together in a common movement to advance their interests in the spheres of politics, economics and culture and influence all sections of society in the country through their organised power to accept labour movement as legitimate social partner in society so that aspirations of the working people to play their role in economic social and political development are achieved. To work with all organisations of workers in the country irrwespective of their affiliations and allegiances through their national , regional trade union and local trade union centres and endeavour to create one brand image, one identity for unions across the country in order to enhance the strength of unions and further their cause by promoting collaboration, coordination and cooperation among all organised and unorganised groups of workers within the country to preserve , protect and advance their interests and working class as a whole and enhance the solidarity of unions to ensure a more equitable and just society.

Indianlabour .org believes education is the key to a free and democratic labour movement and democratic trade unions are essential to economic justice and to a free and democratic society and for working people to fully realize their potential and that of their children, they must have equal access to high quality education at all levels and Labour arts and culture are an essential part of education, as they provide the labour movement with its soul and spirit

Indianlabour.org through this web site will endeavour seeking cooperation of all national regional trade unions centres irrespective of their political affiliations ,preferences and persuations all other organised centres of working people to create conditions for workers to get opportunity to acquire high quality education and intellectual skills and make available higher education available to all sections of workers irrespective of gender, caste, creed , religion and other diversities and prepare workers to face changing global environment and the contemporary challenges confronting workers movement in the country and abroad which is increasingly becoming hostile to labour movement all around and endeavour through collaboration with all trade unions, NGOs working with labour to promote enduring bonds of solidarity and ;unity within the labour movement so that trade unions become real power centres

To campaign for building a Workers Parliament,Workers Sector in the economy which will represent the aspirations of the entire working class of the country as power centre which will seek fundamental changes in legislative structures relating to workers so that workers trade unions’ status in society is elevated as social partner and as centres of progressive thought . learning and action so that current decline in unionisation is arrested and working class emerges as countervailing power centre against hostile anti- union forces and recapture its past glory as reckonable force in society and the nation To conduct through systematic campaigns in the net and through other media to enlist support for all workers causes and their unions’ struggles for justice, fairplay and decent working conditions irrespective of their allegiances and affiliations so that every worker feels reassured that the entire workers movement is behind every struggle for living wage, dignity decency and for human and trade rights and endeavour to secure for workers the all the rights envisaged in ILO Conventions and Recommendations