Partnership with Trade Unions Works: Prof Amartya Sen

05/05/2013 – India
Nobel laureate Prof Amartya Sen citing from his experiences said at a panel discussion during the 46th ADB Annual Governors meeting in New Delhi, India

Speaking at the panel discussion on the theme Delivering Effective Public Services sharing his own experiences to improve absenteeism amongst primary school teachers and to deliver quality primary education how he engaged with the trade unions in Bangladesh. Prof Sen defined development as “Expansion of Human Freedom”. Economic growth need to generate more income for the population but Prof Sen questioned what proportion of the income is spent on public welfare. Public services need to target priorities for expanding human capabilities and such schemes have paid rich dividends in Japan and Korea’s success said Prof Sen.

Empowerment is means and ends and it is the sole objective of development. Right diagnosis of the problem is half of the solution and engaging trade unions and cashing on their experiences and partnering with them works said Prof Sen.

Newly elected ADB President Takehiko Nakao in his introductory remarks to the panel discussion said ADB aims to achieve Inclusive Growth through Empowerment and listening to citizen’s voice and citizen empowerment will be a strategic focus of the bank activities in future.

Large contingent of trade union activists from the Global Unions attended the ADB’s 46th Annual Governors meeting in New Delhi. Pensions Towards Socially Responsible Investments was the theme of the CSO panel discussion organized by trade unions at the 46th ADB Annual Governors Meeting in New Delhi .

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