To see an exploitation free world where labour is powerfully organised and integrated globally in the world of work in a united single organisation of working people of all nations into free democratic, disciplined workforce transcending race, religion creed , sex and other diversities , protecting and advancing the cause of all workers world over.To actualise the ideals envisaged and enshrined in the Constitution India, ILO Conventions and Recommendations and the labour movement becomes strong and effective enough to be able assert its role as a social partner in the country’s economic social and political development and the Parliament of the country reflects the aspirations of the working people and respects the role and contribution of workers to the economy and economic development and all those who are engaged in the world of work get living wage and decent working conditionsTo actualise the ideals of dignified, decent work and creative life for the working people and status and respect in society for them and their organisations and due recognition as a representative system within the industry , enterprise system and . society as a whole and legal right to call persons, documents papers , contest and question all authorities on all matters affecting the interest of labour and demand constitution of a Permanent Standing Commission for Labour with wide terms of reference to protect labour interests with provisions for total immunity from laws to those deposing before such commission as provided for in the Commission of Enquiry Act particularly relating to defamation,,libel, contempt of court and parliamentary privileges.(which constitute greatest impediments to effective labour movement ), for workers, and their organisations.To see a Comprehensive Grievance Redressal Machinery is established in all enterprises and establishments whether private public or others to enable individual employees/workers whether regular, permanent or temporary to file grievances relating to all wage- employment- to be processed within a time bound decision makingTo see the government enact a comprehensive law which defines all those who perform whether paid .and unpaid work as “worker” and provide where appropriate by creating special labour courts with the status of powers of High Court for processing individual and collective grievances of workers and redress them as an appellate authority., Presided over by a sitting supreme court judge.

To ensure individual workers, along with other citizens of the country get justice in their respective places of work and stay with free legal assistance at the cost of the state without having to travel long distances to seek justice from Courts whether district , high court or supreme court and so ensure that High Courts and Supreme Court have Circuit or permanent benches of these higher courts are established in all district head quarters in the country so that courts are easily accessible within short distances for workers To see abolition of jurisdiction of courts outside the State to call, summon workers and citizens and also abolish jurisdiction of courts outside the State of residence of the workers and citizens without the permission of the High Court of the State and giving an opportunity to workers contest such call and summonsTo see and ensure that workers and citizens and their organisations are not harassed, compelled and pressurised to appear in courts outside their State without express permission of the respective High cour of the State and where appearances become inevitable the concerned courts should compel summoning parties to underwrite all reasonable expenses of travel and stay connected with the such calls and summons